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Updated:11 Nov, 2020

You can promote any or all of the products on or it’s subdomains in order to earn a commission using the Gumroad Affiliates program.

How does it work?

A detailed explanation about becoming a Gumroad Affiliates can be found  here . In brief:

  • You create a Gumroad account (so Gumroad can pay you the commission)
  • You request access to the affiliates program to
  • You are added as an affiliate to the product(s) on or it’s subdomains
  • You are sent an email with an affiliate link. It breaks down everything about your affiliation with the creator, from how much you’ll be credit for each sale, as well as all of your affiliate links
  • Share your links and earn a commission every time someone purchases the product(s) using your link.
  • The only way you can be credited for your affiliate sales is if you share the links in the email Gumroad sends you and that link is used to make a purchase of that product

Why run affiliates on Components UI?

I want to get the products on as many hands as possible. I rather pay people that have supported my work to promote it instead of paying a big corporation for ads

Other Terms

  • You agree to Gumroad’s Affiliates Term of Services
  • You agree to not spam people
  • As an affiliate you’ll earn a 30% commission on the final amount paid by the customer. This percentage might change in the future without any notification at any time for any or no reason whatsoever
  • You have purchased one of the ComponentsUI products to be eligible for the Affiliates program. This is important because you need to know the product in order to promote it
  • I might modify the price of one or all products to run tests or promotions so the commission earned might change accordingly
  • The Affiliates program could be terminated as a whole or to specific individuals without any notification at any time for any or no reason whatsoever
  • The creator of might offer a refund to any purchase and that might affect the affiliate’s earnings
  • The creator of reserves the right to update or modify the Terms at any time without prior notice, and such changes will be effective immediately upon being posted on
  • You agree not to publish the affiliate links on any web site or domain in a manner that is illegal or non-compliant with any applicable laws or Gumroad’s policies
  • You are responsible for sharing your own correct link(s). The creator of is not responsible for any commission not applied correctly to your account


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