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Things you'll learn:

  • Make Simple Badges
  • Work with Hero Sections
  • Banners with colors
  • SEO & marketing tips
  • ... and more

Banners are small boxes of text that helps us highlight important information on our landing page. For example, a price increase next month, maintenance on our services, a change in our policies, etc.

Banners with Colors in Carrd.co

SEO and marketing and ways to improve it on our websites: SEO - Search Engine Optimization - are practices to increase the traffic to our website from search engine results such as Google. Carrd has some SEO and marketing tools built-in so we can take advantage of them.

SEO & marketing tips in Carrd.co

Included in this guide:

  • Daily emails with a lesson
  • Tutorials with images
  • Examples and exercises to review the lesson

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