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Components UI

A collection of pre-built components and templates designed for

From Hero Sections to complex Pricing Tables, you'll get access to a complete gallery of components and templates

Use them to build your product or services page, your new book landing page, company website or to just kick start your future new projects using

Components UI

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I purchased without hesitation and I have zero regrets. It makes it easy to craft beautiful landing pages and funnels for myself and my clients. You will not regret saving time and increasing the quality of your designs with this purchase.

Dan K.

web designer and online maker


“I want to build a website to sell my products and services but…

...I don’t know how or where to start”

Hi! I’m Oscar O. Arévalo. I’m an engineer and I like to build projects online. I want a custom and beautiful-professional-looking website for my projects but since I’m not a developer and I just know the basics of how coding works, I fell in love with

I’ve been using to build side hustles, to sell products and for other projects but found myself building the same components over and over again: Hero sections, pricing tables, testimonials, footers. One sunny afternoon I decided to build a basic Carrd template with every component I’ve used so I don't have to start from scratch for my next project's website.

Components UI is just that: A complete gallery of components already built for you. You'll receive the gallery as a new template project on your Carrd account to start building your next business or to start building for clients.

"But I’m not a developer nor a designer"

I built Components UI with this in mind. You don’t need to know how to code or to be a web designer. It allows you to do just one thing: build a professional looking website using pre-built components without knowing any code and without paying a developer for it. Use it for you digital products, services, business and more.

In my mind I was building all of this for me but it turns out I was building them also for you. Please, keep building new projects.


Components & documentation

Everything you need to kickstart your new project

Basic Components

You don’t have to build components from scratch. A Carrd project delivered to your account with all these components:

  • Hero Sections

  • Features Sections

  • Modals

  • Testimonials

  • CTA Sections

  • Simple Pricing Table

  • Footer Sections

Advanced Components

A Carrd project delivered to your account with all these advanced components:

  • Complex Pricing Tables

  • Badges

  • Stats Sections

  • Banners

  • FAQ

  • Table of contents

  • ... and much more coming

Explore the complete gallery ▸

Ebook in PDF

A step by step tutorial - with pictures - on how to use each component and how to use the templates for your projects in Carrd


Sometimes we just want to copy a whole landing page. You’ll get templates that you can duplicate and modify for your products or services


Tutorial videos

+10 Tutorial videos on how to use and get started with the Components UI Gallery. This is the perfect companion to the Ebook in PDF if you like to consume your content in video form


For beginners or professionals

Use Components UI whether you are a professional entrepreneur or someone who wants to start a side project for extra income

Gumroad Sellers

  • Build your professional looking website and just add the Gumroad integration to start selling from your own website

Online Creators

  • Add one of the multiple integrations to start selling from your own website using Stripe, Paypal or Gumroad

Freelancers & agencies

  • Get your clients’ requirements and use Components UI to build custom websites for clients' projects

Indie Entrepreneurs

  • You want to showcase your product, app or services but don’t want to spend a lot of time building your marketing site

It's not an expense.

Components UI can help you save time and make money. It can pay for itself many times over when you use it to sell your products or services


Build a product page for your physical or digital products. Use it to showcase your new book, comic, art, courses, designs, app and more


If you are a consultant, an agency or offer services, you can build a landing page to sell them or to show your business


Build a website for your company, online community, personal website, app landing page or other project you’ve been thinking about

What can you build

Use it to build landing pages for your products & services. Almost limitless possibilities

A few examples...

  • Product page for new Ebook

  • Sell digital products

  • Digital Agency Website

  • Promote and sell courses

  • Offer your services

  • Consultant website

  • Company website

  • Sell memberships for online community

  • Personal portafolio

  • App landing page

  • Software as a Service landing page


As simple as dragging and dropping

Drag and drop the components on the screen to build exactly what you need

Step one

Purchase Components UI and get the project delivered to your Carrd account within 24 hours

Step two

Duplicate the project with all the Components UI or duplicate a specific template sent to your Carrd account

Step three

Just drag and drop the components. Modify the components you like, delete the rest and publish your new project


See it in Action

Building a Community Website with Components UI in

Building an eBook Landing Page

visit live website

Whoa, this is impressive. Thanks for making this. Really impressive to see what people can do with Carrd these days. Especially when it's stuff I never considered myself :)


founder of


Simple and affordable pricing

Choose a package that fits you

You need a Carrd Pro Plus account to use Components UI. Go to the URL and get 30% off one Pro upgrade or renewal. I don't get a commission but you get a discount.


The budget option to kickstart your new projects. It includes:

$59 USD

  • Components UI Gallery

  • Ebook in PDF

  • Use on unlimited projects



The complete option with prime templates ready. It includes:

$130 $79 USD

  • Components UI Gallery

  • Ebook in PDF

  • Templates included:

Agency: valued $29

eBook Pro valued $29

  • 10+ Tutorial Videos

  • Use on unlimited projects


The professional option if you run an agency or do freelance with clients:

$208 $119 USD

  • Components UI Gallery

  • Ebook in PDF

  • Templates included:

Agency: valued $29

eBook Pro valued $29

SaaS Pro valued $29

Community Pro valued $49

  • 10+ Tutorial Videos

  • Template's Documentation

  • Use on unlimited projects

Ex. VAT. Any applicable tax will be added at checkout

Components UI Products

Trusted by makers and agencies around the world

Whether you're a Carrd beginner and looking to use the templates to start, or even a seasoned maker that's looking to use the library and templates to see new possibilities with Carrd, I couldn't recommend it more

Mike Williams

founder of


Learn the basics

Get a free guide delivered to your email and learn the fundamentals of Carrd

Simple Pricing Tables

A free step-by-step guide on How to Build Simple Pricing Tables for your Carrd projects

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Tips, tutorials and exercises delivered daily to your email to improve your websites

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Set up website analytics

A free step-by-step guide on how to set up website analytics in Carrd projects using Fathom Analytics

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Tips, tutorials and exercises delivered daily to your email to improve your design skills

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How to: Design Agency

How to use and Components UI if your run a design agency working with clients

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How to: Freelancer

How to use and Components UI if your work as a Freelancer with clients

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Really easy to use components - and the awesome templates. I'm a complete Carrd dummy, and yet your themes are making me look like a pro after 30 minutes

Ian R


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind this project?

Hey! I’m @oscaroarevalo. I’m an industrial engineer, writer and builder of things on the internet. Normally I’m working as a consultant and writing ideas about business development – operations, products, marketing – and personal growth. You can read more about me here

Is this for me?

Components UI is for anyone that wants to build a beautiful website in Carrd. Whether you are a professional entrepreneur or someone who wants to start a side project for extra income, Components UI will help you in developing a lading page with beautiful pre-built components to showcase your new book, comic, art, designs, app, business and more

How will you send me the product?

Depending on the package you buy, you'll have instant access to the eBook & videos; Instructions on how to access them will be in your email receipt.

You’ll receive a copy of the Components UI Gallery and templates in your Carrd account with the email you used for the purchase. This process is done manually – at least for now – so please be a little patient.

If you have a different email associated with your Carrd account, please email me the correct one at after your purchase and I'll send them there

What type of Carrd account do I need to have to use Components UI?

To receive and use Components UI and Templetes UI you need a Carrd Pro Plus account (Pro Lite and Pro Standard won’t work).

Can I transfer or send components between projects in Carrd?

No. At least for now, you can't send components between projects. This is something that is not possible in Carrd.

This means that you can't send a component from the Components UI gallery to another project in Carrd. You need to start with the Components UI gallery, edit the components you want to use and delete the rest. Here's a short demo on how to do this.

If you want to add components to an existing project in Carrd, you might want to try one of my other products called Build UI

What kind of projects can I build with this?

You can use it to build landing pages for side projects or for your main business. You can use it for product pages, to offer your services, to sell digital products online and more. See more examples here

Do I have to know how to code to use this?

No. You can just duplicate the Components UI’s project and start using it. Some components have a little bit of custom styles (like colors, margins, backgrounds) in the Styles section. I explain how this works and how to modify it in the ebook – with every purchase – if you want to learn

What am I allowed to do with Components UI?

You can use the components and the templates in unlimited projects for commercial or personal use. You cannot redistribute, resell, lease, license, sub-license or offer any of the components or templates "as is" to any third party, website or online marketplace. You cannot create derivative products like themes, templates or anything else where you would be repackaging and/or redistributing the components. Read the license here. Please be kind :)

Is my credit card information secured?

Yes. All transactions are made thru Gumroad

Can I just buy a template?

Yes. Buy beautiful templates for your next project in Carrd: eBook website, agency homepage, personal portafolio, SaaS product, App landing page by clicking here

Is Components UI and Build UI the same thing?

No. They are two different products but they work great together. You can learn the difference between them and how you can use Components UI and Build UI for your projects by clicking here

What if I purchased it and I don’t like it?

If you purchase any package and found out you don’t like the material or you can’t find the value in it, just reply with your purchase receipt email within 30 days and I will issue a refund. No questions asked. I want you to be happy with your purchase

I have another question!

No problem. If you have another question, please check out the extended version of the Frequently Asked Questions by clicking here


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