Build UI: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Components UI and Build UI the same thing?

No. They are two different products but they work great together. You can learn the difference between them and how you can use Components UI and Build UI for your projects by clicking here

Can I add a logo to the NavBar?

No. Because of the limitations of Carrd, I haven’t found a way to add a logo to the NavBar as it stands today. That’s why what I recommend in these cases is to add the logo just above the hero section.

Do you offer support?

Build UI is a self-serving product. Because every project is different and complex, we do not offer technichal support, consulting, custom edits to the project or custom solutions.

Do I have to know how to code to use this?

No. The Code Snippets are just pieces of code that you can copy and paste in your Carrd project using the Embed element. Every Code Snippet has a detailed video/written tutorial to guide you every step into building it on your Carrd website

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