Components UI: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Components UI and Build UI the same thing?

No. They are two different products but they work great together. You can learn the difference between them and how you can use Components UI and Build UI for your projects by clicking here

Do you offer support?

Components UI, Templates UI, Build UI and Dark Mode are self-serving products. Because every project is different and complex, we do not offer technichal support, consulting, custom edits to the projects or custom solutions.

Can I transfer or send components between projects in Carrd?

No. At least for now, you can't send components between projects. This is something that is not possible in Carrd.

This means that you can't send a component from the Components UI gallery to another project in Carrd. You need to start with the Components UI gallery, edit the components you want to use and delete the rest. Here's a short demo on how to do this.

If you want to add components to an existing project in Carrd, you might want to try one of my other products called Build UI

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