Guides UI

Guides to help you build, sell and grow your digital products online

Moving into the future I want to develop a family of products that complement each other under the Components UI brand. I want each product to stand on their own but also serving the purpose of building an asset. Guides UI is the next step in the process of developing that asset.

Guides UI will be a compilation of products that can help you to build and sell digital products online. It will focus on systems instead of platforms so you can evolve with your projects even if the platform no longer exist. Some of the guides that I (tentative) plan to launch:

  • Building and selling digital products online (work in progress)
  • Marketing for non-coders
  • Beyond Growth
  • ... and more coming

I want to keep building assets instead of just variations of the same product

This “asset mentality” will work something like this: If you want to build and sell digital products I want you to think of the guide “Building and selling digital products online”. Once you learn about the systems in that guide and want to start building your project, I want you to think of “ Build UI  or  Components UI “ in order to build your landing page. Later when you have your project up and running and want to scale it, I want you to think of the guide “Marketing for non-coders”.

In my mind it will work as an ecosystem that provides value to people that want to build and develop a project online that are in different stages of the process.

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