How to: Build Simple Pricing Tables in

Pricing tables are a key component when you sell your products online. They include the title & description of the item you are selling, the list benefits that you offer, the Price & Currency and a Purchase button.

Why use a pricing table:

You can use a simple pricing table on your Carrd projects to showcase and sell your products and services:

  • New eBook
  • ComicArt
  • Digital Products
  • Courses
  • Designs
  • App
  • Consulting services
  • and more...

Things you'll learn:

  • Building the table - Basics: Choosing the design of the pricing table, set the elements on your pricing table (offer, benefits, pricing, button)
  • Building the table - Advanced: Change the appearance and styling of the pricing table to match your brand and your offering
How to: Build a simple pricing table in

Included in this guide:

  • Downloadable PDF

“Simple pricing tables” are included in the Components UI gallery at Components UI is a collection of pre-built components and templates designed for They are already built so you don’t have to do it by yourself all over again every time you start a new project.

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