Now available on Build UI v0.1.2: Responsive NavBar for Carrd.co

One of the most requested component on Build UI has been a responsive NavBar that you can add to any project in Carrd.co.  This new component is available as a free update for everyone that has purchased Build UI and is available for new purchases as well.

Responsive NavBar for Carrd.co - Mobile
Responsive NavBar for Carrd.co - Mobile
You can learn more and purchase Build UI here: https://componentsui.com/build/

The navbar – or navigation bar – stays fixed at the top of the page. It has navigation links and a call to action. The NavBar has a responsive design: This means that when you visit the website on a mobile device, the Navbar turns into a menu button that you can click to display the navigation links and the call to action.

This is what the NavBar looks on a desktop browser:

Responsive Navbar for Carrd.co - Desktop

This is what it will look like on a mobile device:

Responsive Navbar for Carrd.co - Mobile

You can fully customize this component in your Carrd Projects:

  • You can change the color of the background of the NavBar depending on your needs.
  • You can add a Control element and set it to Header End to have the Navbar in every page of your Carrd project
Responsive Navbar for Carrd.co - Fixed
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