Updates to Build UI packages coming on March 2021

I’m working on an update for Build UI and I'm planning to launch it on March 2nd, 2021. This is a preview of the new components that will be available in the next version:

  • Images Effects: You can use this on any image. Here’s an example used with logos. You can also use it if you have logos for publications where your project was featured or past clients to add social proof to your landing page. Click to preview
  • Sharing Widget: A fixed component on the bottom of the screen to include your social profiles. Click to preview
  • Mobile navigation: A fixed navigation bar at the bottom of the screen to emulate a native mobile navigation bar with icons. Click to preview
  • Dynamic FAQ: Dynamic frequently asked questions section that you can show and hide answers to remove clutter from the Landing page
  • Table of Contents: Make a table of contents for your new course or Ebook website
  • … and more

This new version of Build UI is going to be a free update for everyone that has already purchased it. I will raise the prices when launching this new version so if you are thinking about buying Build UI you can do it now, lock in the current price and get free updates in the future.  Buy Build UI now →

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