The current state of Components UI: January 2021

I started Components UI on March 2020. It started as I little side project that has grown and now has a family of products available. This is a review of what happened in January 2021. I won't probably do a review every month but I'll try to include one when there's a milestone or updates to the product.

The Slow burn continues

For privacy reasons I don't share specific financials results about my projects but I want to share some of the trends and general results from the project.

Like I said in the post The current state of Components UI: 2021 edition, Components has been a slow burn and it continues to be. I didn't get a bunch of sales and visitors when I launched. Instead, it has been growing consistently and organically every month. It's not a rocket ship and I'm fine with it.  I'll keep focusing on SEO and content marketing to improve search results and keep a steady growth over time.

Here's the trend of sales up to January 2021:

Sales & Profits trend - Components UI

Product and Pricing

I started to notice that most of my customers are freelancers and agencies. They are looking to improve their offerings and reduce the time they spend working on a clients web project. I wrote a couple of post showing how you can use Components UI as a web freelancer and how you can use Components UI as an agency working with clients and they got a bit of traction.

With that in mind I changed the packages and the wording of the offer to focus on them. Since Components UI is also aimed at people working on a landing page for a project or side-hustle (the way I started Components UI myself), I kept a package for them as well. As of this writing, this is how the packages are set:

  • Professional Package: The professional option if you run an agency or do freelance with clients. It includes the Components UI gallery, templates, documentation, tutorial videos and priority support
  • Complete Package: The complete option with prime templates ready. It includes the Components UI gallery and a couple of templates
  • Premium package: The budget option to kickstart your new projects. It includes the Components UI gallery and documentation. This package is aimed towards people building a side-hustle or new projects. It is what I'd purchase if I was starting the landing page for Components UI again
New Pricing and copywriting for Components UI packages

Content and Email Marketing

I've been writing consistently on the Components UI blog for a couple of months to improve SEO. Traffic from Google has been growing since the launch on March 2020 which means that the content marketing and SEO strategy is beginning to show results.

I've also changed the frequency that I do email marketing. At the beginning I used to send emails every month or every couple of weeks and I just focus on updates and new products. Since January I started to send emails every Tuesday to include product updates but also posts including tutorials, guides and lessons learned to provide additional value to my customers and potential customers.

I started a blog post series called The Journey: a series of blog posts that include the uncensored story and the process of building Components UI and its products. I write about lessons learned, experiences, challenges and the process of building in public. I'm writing about things I wish I knew when I was starting Components UI or things I'm learning as I build Components UI that can benefit other people. You can learn more about The Journey here.

Multiple Languages: Spanish

I'm a native Spanish speaker so I want to help and provide value to people in Spanish-speaking countries as well. I started Components UI as a digital product in English but recently launched a new version built from the ground up in Spanish. You can read the complete process on how I did it here: How to build a digital product in multiple languages.

I wanted to do a Spanish version of the product to provide additional value but — in turn — it will also generate a new market for the family of products, increasing even more the value of the asset.

As of this writing the Components UI gallery is now available in Spanish and there's a section on the blog dedicated to posts in Spanish.


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