Tutorial: How to Make Simple Badges on

Badges a nifty way to showcase a new feature or a bonus that’s included when you purchase a product.

How to Make Simple Badges on


To make a simple badge follow these steps:

  • Add a “List Element”  text to your Carrd project
  • Add a simple item to the list that says “New improved item”
  • Go to the Appearance section
  • In the appearance section, select the List tab and choose “Bulleted” on the Style field
  • Select the Bullets tab and choose “Check” on the Type field
  • Still in the bullets tab, go to the Style field and select Solid
  • Change the colors. For the background: #c6f6d5 and for the Bullets #2f855a
  • Adjust the size if needed
  • That’s it!
How to Make Simple Badges on

Exercise for you

Try to build the following badge with everything you learned here.

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