How to design and build better landing pages with Carrd

Not all of us are web designers. I know I'm not so I know how hard it is to design a new website. You don’t know where to start or you design something that doesn’t look good but you can’t quite figure out why. Again, I know all these is true because it has happened to me.

One of the few resources I consult every time I start designing a new landing page is the Landing Page Hot Tips Ebook by @RobHope.

I met Rob online and we've been chatting about new projects and building stuff online. Before that I only knew about Rob from One Page Love: a site dedicated exclusively to websites built around one page. No navigation or extra pages needed. Since my first project — Components UI — was built using Carrd I was instantly hooked.

Carrd is a simple, free, fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything and Rob is an expert on one-page sites. It's fair to say you could improve your designing chops in just by following and implementing Rob's knowledge. I know I did.

After looking, sorting and curating hundreds (maybe thousands) of one page websites, Rob decided to share tips on Twitter on how to design better landing pages. A 100 digestible lessons to be exact. He started to share small tips that you could implement on your projects instantly. Each tip featured a few paragraphs, visual references and related resources when needed.

Example tip from Landing Page Hot Tips Ebook
Example tip from Landing Page Hot Tips Ebook

Again, I was hooked. I started to implement most of the tips and tricks that Rob was sharing on Twitter and my landing pages on Carrd started to look and feel better. Small improvements every day do make a difference in the long run.

If you are interested in learning more about designing a great landing page or enhancing your website design super powers, you can grab the Landing Page Hot Tips Ebook by @RobHope with a discount by clicking → here. This is an affiliate link so I get a small commission with no extra cost to you if you decide to buy the Ebook.

Building landing pages with Carrd

I started Components UI just using Carrd to design and build the landing page. Carrd is pretty intuitive to use but your design can get messy, cluttered and looking not optimal if you just put text and images on a page without giving it some thought on the goal and aesthetics you are trying to achieve.

I have included Landing Page Hot Tips Ebook on my blog post How I built and manage Components UI since it's a resource I keep coming back to when designing a landing page for a new project.

Small digestible tips might not seem like a big deal at first. But just like compound interest, the gains become big once you start building one step at a time.

Here's an example of a few tips I used when building Components UI with Carrd:

  • "Utilize your customer testimonials by highlighting features and answering doubts.": Most of your customers are going to have doubts about your product or service. Have your own customers answer those doubts in a testimonial to add legitimacy to your offering.
  • "An effective Landing Page should only have one objective, not many.": Define your landing page goal and stick to it. "Buy now" instead of "buy now, and tweet about it, and join my newsletter"
  • "Highlight a testimonial from an opinion leader": When building Components UI I didn't have a huge following but wanted to add social proof to my offering. While building the project I was messaging the creator of Carrd to let him know what I was building. I kept updating him on the process and at the end asked him if he could write a small blurb about the project. He kindly agreed and that help a lot to add legitimacy to Components UI.
"Highlight a testimonial from an opinion leader" - From Components UI website

Information is free

Rob's 100 Landing Page Hot Tips are free. You can get them from his massive Twitter thread here or from his website page here. If you choose the website alternative you'll receive one tip per day straight to your email. Finally, you can also buy the Landing Page Hot Tips Ebook which compiles and organizes the tips in a digital and PDF form here.

In the internet age it's never been more true that information is free. But one key element is that you can sell the presentation of that information. I don't want to go to Twitter or to my email and waste time looking for one of the tips on pricing every time I'm designing a new pricing table for one of my products. I just want to open the digital version of the Ebook, look and sort for the tips on pricing that I'm looking for and get back to work.

As I have said it before: There is a ROI — Return on investment —  of paid products and services. In most cases "free" doesn't really mean free, it just means you are paying with "life". All this is to say that you are paying with your time instead with your money. I rather use a renewable asset like money instead of a non- renewable asset like time. Rob's Landing Page Hot Tips Ebook allows me to do just that.

When you buy the Ebook you'll get:

  1. The Ebook: You'll get the digital and PDF version of the Ebook
  2. Audiobook: All Hot Tips available in a tidy, zero-fluff 54 minute audiobook
  3. Checklists: Interactive checklists you can use before launching your landing page. Example: Pre-lauch Checklist, Testimonial checklist, Pricing checklist, and more
  4. Category/Component Filters: 100 tips might be intimidating at first but you can filter and sort them by category or component depending on your needs. For example: Browse tips by category (Conversion tips, marketing tips, pricing tips, and more) or browse tips by component (buttons, headlines, demos, and more)

At the end when you buy the Ebook you don't just get the tips, you get a bunch of extras that make it way easier for you to build landing pages in the long run. You are not just paying for an Ebook, you are paying for expertise, authority on the subject and curation.

I'm writing and promoting Rob's product not because I know who he is but because I know his product works. He knows his stuff and he communicates his knowledge in a simple and clear way. It’s safe to say that I go back to review the contents of this Ebook every time I start a new project online.

As with my own products, I consider this Ebook to be an investment instead of an expense. It has helped me save time and make money in the process. It can pay for itself many times over when you use it to sell your products or services.

If you are interested in learning more about designing a great landing page or enhancing your website design super powers, you can grab the Landing Page Hot Tips Ebook by @RobHope with a discount by clicking → here . This is an affiliate link so I get a small commission with no extra cost to you if you decide to buy the Ebook.

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