Resources: On making side hustles and extra income

This is a complement post from the original “Using and Gumroad for side hustles and making extra income”.

You don’t need to know code to build something online. For I used tools that required little to no coding experience to launch the project and stitched them together:

Tech Tools

  • Carrd. Building the landing page
  • Gumroad. Payment processor
  • Figma. For designing landing pages, icons, illustrations. Making design systems to keep the design consistent.
  • Fathom Analytics. I didn't want to use google analytics since I hate those cookie banners and want to be conscious about people’s privacy so I decided to use Fathom. I also like to support indie makers as much as I can.
  • ConvertKit. For building and email list and for sending updates on the project


  • Refactoring UI. A great place to learn design concepts
  • unDraw. Open-source illustrations for any idea you can imagine and create. Great for landing pages and online products
  • Open Peeps by Pablo Stanley. A hand-drawn illustration library for Avatars.

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