SEO and Marketing tips for projects has some SEO and marketing tools built-in so we can take advantage of them to improve our websites and landing pages. Here's how.

SEO - Search engine optimization - are practices to increase the traffic to our website from search engine results such as Google.

Title & Description

It’s important that you write a compelling title and description for your landing page.  This is what is shown on text results on Google and other search engines. Be brief and avoid using complex words that your user or client might not understand. - SEO and Marketing for websites

Share Media

For marketing purposes, this is the image that is shown when a person shares your website on social networks like Twitter or Facebook. It’s important that we make a memorable image so people can know what our website is about at a glance.


This is also call “Favicon” and it’s the little icon that appears in the tab of your browser. If a user bookmarks your website, this favicon is probably going to be shown as well. We should put or logo here to create brand awareness in our users. Basically, make our logo memorable in the mind of potential clients. - Media, share image and favicon

Exercise for you

Do an audit on all your Carrd websites and add a brief but memorable description, add an image to be share on social media and add your logo to the favicon section.

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